Jan Moat

Identity owner, Jan Moat specialises in black and grey tattoos, custom tattoos and tattoo cover ups. Jan has been tattooing for 8 years and his experience is evident in custom tattoo designs and he can draw you a piece that is exactly what you want rather than relying on ready drawn pictures.

If you are an artist or have found a picture or even photograph that you would like, these can also be tattooed with relative ease, whether in colour or black and grey.

If you have a tattoo that you’re less than proud of, then Jan can brighten up old work or give you a complete tattoo cover up. Tattoo cover ups by Jan usually come in the form of brightly coloured Japanese tattoos, rather than the solid black splodgy messes that used to be the standard. Jan has plenty of experience of tattoo coverups whether they are 20 years old or have been done the week before.

Jan started out in the tattoo industry as an apprentice, working along side artist Justin Nacey and guest artist Simon Bowtell, who is now the owner of Black Cat Tattoo Studio in Filey. Thanks to a season’s worth of work with Simon, Jan was able to open Identity Tattoos and fulfill his dream of owning a quality, modern studio. Jan has been been voted one of the top one hundred favourite tattoo artists in the world for two years running by leading tattoo magazine Skin Deep.

Fast becoming a popular tattoo studio in the uk, when Jan opened Identity he had in mind a place that he himself would want to go to and get a quality piece of work tattooed. Identity is bright and welcoming from the clean bright walls to the cup of tea you can drink whilst waiting to see an artist. Jan put his heart and soul into Identity Tattoos and it shows in his studio and his work.

Dan (Tunny) Phillips

Tunny also tattoos from the Identity Tattoos studio,his calligraphy style script tattoos are excellent and flow with the shape of the body perfectly. Script tattoos are becoming increasingly popular at Identity, thanks to Tunny’s expertise.

A life long friend of Jan, Tunny jumped at the chance to be part of the Identity crew. He is an ever evolving artist who is always ready to try new things to better his style and his regular clients will agree he lives up to his nick-name of ‘Gentle Dan’ where tattoo application is concerned.


Kat is the newest member of the identity family.With her extensive knowledge and fine art background her tattooing is second to none.


Pin is our piercer and body mod specialist.He also works the front desk and can help clients with any questions about tattoos or piercings.


Lou is our part time counter pixie and piercer but also our laser technition.With a background in piercing since her teens Lou can meet all your piercing needs.